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Step-In Clinics delivers personalized and efficient medical care in the comfort of a small environment.

Step-In Clinics is a Family Practice and Urgent Care clinic located by the growing Brazos Town Center in the city of Rosenberg, Texas. We are excited to offer our local community immediate, comforting, and memorable treatment for your medical needs. Step-In Clinics has a diverse medical professionals, some bilingual, whom all work to provide the best care you and your family deserve.


Our mission is to provide valuable and accessible healthcare to all our patients. Step-In Clinics ensures patients will leave with an efficient plan of care. We are proudly working with the Texas Vaccines for Children program. We vaccinate every eligible child; we believe no child should be denied vaccinations due to the inability to pay. Step-In Clinics is here for you. Step-In Clinics is here for Texas children.


Our vision is to be at the forefront of preventative and timely care in our community. At Step-In Clinics, we have the integrity to do what is right, the enthusiasm to make you feel at home, and finally the knowledge to make you feel safe in our hands.